ignorant hour

Ignorance is Bliss...Knowledge is Power!


No One is Bigger Than the Board

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Let’s play Chess.  For those of you that don’t know how to play, I’ll teach you…   Objective-Trap the opponents King and you win the game (Checkmate). King-Moves one step in a forward, backwards, sideways or diagonal direction. Queen-Moves all over the board in a forward, backward, sideways or diagonal direction. Knight-Moves in an “L”…

Damn, do you ever smile?

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“ There’s gon’ be some stuff you gon’ see that’s gon make it hard to smile in the future. But through whatever you see, through all the rain and the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor.  You gotta be able to smile though all of this BS.  Remember that, yeah, keep yo’ head…

He Had A Charm Bracelet


As a usual public transportation rider, you have the unfortunate opportunity to see all walks of life… urban entrepreneurs, overnight riders (homeless), teenagers cursing, working people, etc. But on this particular day, a nice looking brother (NLB) got on, pressed shirt, tailored pants, nice shades, clean and shinning square toes, a Black Alum messenger bag …

The Auto Show

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Salutations!  I’m tipsy right now, which is the perfect opportunity to blog about something that has been bothering me for quite some time.  I am going to make a confession (I know I’m not alone on this).  There are times where I would see two women in a social setting that are available.  One being gorgeous looking,…

Farawell to a Sweetheart


For years, I’ve always been told that being a sweetheart helps people be at ease around me, it leads to conversations from strangers, random children being comfortable enough to sit in my lap and even cry when I return them back to their parents.  It’s also the causation of me walking your screaming, snot nosed kid back to…

Summertime Chi


The following post contains language and content that may be considered offensive…viewer discretion is advised.   “As I take a sip of this nutritious Guinness that inspires this business or daze in my cubicle hardly working cause this computer slow,  I sit back and debate whether or not I should hate or appreciate the half nakedness that…

The Dating Confessions


Narrated by Borg Nielsen-British native and voice over to popular commercials in London. Today, we will look into a world that is close enough to examine, but the furthest away from comprehension.  In this world, limits are pushed beyond a normal threshold…frustration is the optimal emotion…leverage is the objective.  Once upon a time, living happily ever…

Sunday’s Sermon


Good Morning, congregation!!!  (waits for reply) If you would, open up your bible and turn to Genesis Chapter 3 :1-5… http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=genesis%203:1-5 Amen? Praise God!  Go ahead and read those verses to yourselves. (Organ player plays softly during intermission) I wanna pick up on verse 6 and…end on verse 7, Amen?  Praise God!!! Genesis 3: 6-7  NIV “When the woman saw…

Holiday Addendum

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  Cheers to all of the mothers, fathers, and mentors that are playing an active role in the lives of their youth.  Once upon a time, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day used to be a happy moment in America where we could actually celebrate the ones we love without debating foolish matters that contributes nothing…

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